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Character Animator


Paintings Paintings Stewart This started out as a weird scribble drawing that I found in my sketchbook. It enjoys emitting high pitched screams and taking long walks over densly populated cities. 160335818 Office Chicken Mondays are the worst. 160335819 Terrence Poor sad, little turtle. 160335821 Yelk I originally thought of this as a moose, but different people have called it a reindeer, or something similar to that. I eventually decided that it would be an elk. Because then I could call the painting, "Yelk". because it's yelling. 160335822 The Shobster The Shobster is half shark, half lobster and all business. It has been known to leap out of giant swirling whirlpools and attack ships, and occasionally enjoys eating human legs. I actually created it in my first year of animation school for a storyboarding assignment at the end of the year. I'm pretty sure that I was very tired at the time... 160335823 No Strings Attached A rather smarmy looking violin. 160335824 Loch Shiel A beautiful place in Scotland where they filmed part of the Harry Potter movies. 160335829 Winter. 160335832 Abbers 160335833 Meagers 160335834 Sophers 160335835 Rudy Commissioned by Dog Ed for a client. 190947845 Chloe Commissioned by Dog Ed for a client. 190947846 Abbey Commissioned by Dog Ed for a client. 190947847 Georgio 160335826 Upside down I painted this upside down using splotches of color. 160335827